About Us

Welcome to the Behavioural Neurogenetics Group. We are located at Victoria University of Wellington under the leadership of Prof Bart Ellenbroek.

Within the Behavioural Neurogenetics Group (BNG), we aim to increase our understanding of the aetiology and neurobiology of symptoms related to several psychiatric disorders. At present we mainly focus on cognition, drug addiction, affect and social behaviour and communication. As the clinical literature more and more clearly shows that most of these features are strongly influenced by genetic and (early) environmental challenges, we try to mimic this in our models by using several specific genetic rat models alone, or in combination with early environmental manipulations. We use a wide variety of analyses, such as detailed video tracking, ultrasonic vocalizations and many other behavioural paradigms. Moreover, together with our (inter)national collaborators, we also try to understand the molecular changes in these models.

Please explore our website for information about our lab members, our research, and our publications.

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