A Blast From the Past

On this page you will find some pictures of our alumni, as well as previous posts from our group.

02 October 2017: 
With great pleasure I can announce that we just obtained a substantial grant from the Heart Foundation of NZ for investigating the link between depression, anxiety and heart problems. For more details, see:

22 August 2017:
Long long time ago, I worked at a biotech company in Germany and we did osme work on a new monoamine oxidase inhibitor. Thus work was just published in Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics.

28 April 2017:
We have again been successful. The Maurice and Phyllis Paykel Trust have awarded us with a grant to study neurochemical changes in the brains of rats with a genetic reduction in the serotonin transporter. This also marks the start of a collaborations with dr Rob Keyzers (chemistry) and Dr Bil Jordan (biological Sciences) here at Victoria University.

06 April 2017: 
In other news, the Health Research Council just awarded a research grant on a project identifying MAO inhibitors in tobacco and investigating their potential to enhance the reinforcing properties of nicotine. The project will be led to Dr Penny Truman from Massey University but our group will be performing the self-administration experiments

28 March 2017 : 
Wonderful news. Uta just had her second paper of her PhD accepted in which she showed that self-administration of nicotine reduces the cognitive deficits in the maternal immune model for schizophrenia. The paper was written together with Katie Brennan and accepted in Addiction Biology, the number one journal in addiction!!

04 March 2017 : 
We just had another paper accepted for publication. It is in a new journal called “OBM Neurobiology” and it was a co-production with Jenny Berrio from Brazil and Weiwen Wang from Beijing.

23 August 2016 : 
We just had another paper accepted. This time a paper based on Caren August’s Master thesis . The paper is titled: Does prenatal valproate interact with a genetic reduction in the serotonin transporter?  A rat study on anxiety and cognition and was written by Bart Ellenbroek, Caren August and Jiun Youn. It will appear in Frontiers in Neuroscience.

21 June 2016 : 
We just had another paper accepted. This time a review by Jenny Sanchez and Bart Ellenbroek on the preclinical pharmacology of antipsychotics. It will be published in “Current topics in Behavioural Neurosciences

23 May 2016 BREAKING NEWS: 
And another paper was just accepted. A collaborative project with Aleksander Mathe and Henriette Husum from the Karolinska Institute and Francesco  Angelucci from Rome: “Gene -environment interactions in a rat model of depression. Maternal separation affects neurotensin in selected brain regions”

05 May 2016 BREAKING NEWS: 
A very special day today. We had two papers accepted in one go. One on the D1 receptor mutant (with Jiun Youn and Marie vandenBroeke) and one on the LPS model for schizophrenia (with Uta Waterhouse and Vic Roper).

20 March 2016 BIG NEWS: 
Bart Ellenbroek and Jiun Youn have just submitted their book entitled “Gene – environment interactions in Psychiatry” to the publishers. It will take a couple of months more before it is finalized but we are happy the bulk of the work is done.